Enabling Neilson - Renovation to Five Buildings 


Location: Northampton, MA

Type: Renovation / New Construction 

DeliveryMethod: General Contractor

Architect: Archimetrics Design Studio

Project Description:

Prior to beginning demolition and construction of the new Neilson Library, Smith College needed to relocate numerous occupants to other buildings around campus.  Some of the groups to be relocated were the Center for Media Production, Kahn Liberal Arts Institute, and Conway Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center. Referred to as the Enabling Neilson project, this was a multi-phased renovation to five separate buildings.


This project involved selective demolition, ADA upgrades, and extensive mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire suppression overhauls.  Keiter Builders work closely with Weatherby Design & Co. Engineers and M.J. Moran Mechanical Contractors to design and implement new HVAC and plumbing systems.  In addition, we upgraded the energy efficiency of each building.